Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin


It is an official course designed to prepare you to face the challenges facing today’s business networks through theoretical topics and practical laboratory activities, using the entire Unifi solution. You learn to design and build wireless local area networks in relation to user density, bandwidth and traffic needs.


  • Ubiquiti History and Mission

  • Summary of corporate networks

  • Introduction to Unifi

  • Wave properties

  • Radio spectrum without a license

  • Channel Operation

  • Regulated Domains

  • WLAN standard

  • Wireless access methods

  • Network equipment

  • Wireless Technology

  • Coverage and channels

  • Signals and noise

  • Airtime, capacity and density

  • Site Analysis

  • Riding UAPs

  • Electrical installation & PoE

  • Comparative

  • Multi-site L2

  • Adoption

  • WLAN groups

  • Security

  • Virtual LANs

  • Analysis in the controller

  • SNMP Events, Alerts and Support

  • Cloud Hosting Layer 3 Adoption

  • Wireless Uplink

  • RSSI minimum

  • Zero-Handoff Roaming

  • Access policy and control

  • Hotspot Manager Integration

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The course is aimed at people with technical profiles, administrators, engineers and technicians who want to obtain the necessary knowledge to implement corporate networks using Ubiquiti Unifi equipment.

It is required to know how to use a computer with Windows or Linux / MAC operating system. In addition, the student must present a Notebook / Netbook with Windows or Linux or MAC and at least one Ethernet interface.

This course is of the theoretical-practical and face-to-face modality, where all theoretical subjects will be offered along with their associated laboratory practices. It offers laboratory materials and equipment for practices.

The duration of this course is 2 days, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks are included per day.

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€500 + IVA

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  • Exámenes con certificación oficial.
  • Material teórico impreso.
  • Prácticas de laboratorio.
  • T-shirts de regalo.


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Fundamentos de WLA

  • Radios de Espectro no licenciado
  • Operación de canales
  • Dominios Regulatorios
  • Estándares WLAN
  • Métodos de Wireless Access
  • Equipamiento de red

Planificación WLAN

  • Tecnología inalámbrica

  • Cobertura y canales

  • Potencia de TX
  • Ganancia de Antena
  • Disponibilidad de canales

  • Señal vs Ruido
  • Tiempo de aire, capacidad y densidad
  • Redes mixtas


  • Site Surveys
  • Superposición
  • Cableado & PoE
  • Benchmarking

Adopción básica y configuración

  • Multi-Site
  • Adopción Layer-2
  • Grupos WLAN
  • SSID, Seguridad & VLANs
  • Analítica

Adopción avanzada e invitados

  • Alojamiento en la nube
  • Adopción Layer-3
  • Descubrimiento, SSH, DNS & DHCP
  • Mínimo RSSI
  • Roaming sin traspaso
  • Portal de invitados
  • Control de Acceso
  • Personalización
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